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  • Central Texas Valet is one of the largest full service Valet, Parking Management firms in the Southwest.

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  • Central Texas Valet actively takes initiative to meet our client’s needs.

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HealthCare Valet Services in Austin TX


Our Central Texas Valet Healthcare Services take the convenience of valet parking and merges it with the concierge services that patients need. While other companies simply focus on valet parking, we know that patients deserve more than just a valet. We ensure that the patients entering your treatment center have the respect and quality of service that they deserve. Set your medical facility apart by offering valet services by Central Texas Valet.  

As the healthcare industry continues growing and changing, hospitals and medical centers find themselves tasked with improving their patient relations. Many of those centers now offer luxury treatments and amenities that patients might only find in a four star hotel or resort. Providing those services to patients lets those hospitals and medical centers stand out among their competitors. Central Texas Healthcare Valet understands the importance of luxury amenities, which is why we offer valet services to Texas hospitals. Our services have a number of benefits not only for your patients and their guests and visitors but also for the doctors and your other staff members.  

Why Choose Texas Healthcare Valet and Concierge Services?

Recent studies found that medical facilities with extra amenities and features rate higher on HCAHPS surveys. Some of the amenities that scored the highest include concierge services for patients and valet parking. Offering those extra features can bring in new doctors, and those doctors will bring their existing patients with them. We also ensure that all of our CTV employees meet the standards imposed by the JCAHO in terms of training before working in the medical field.


Valet Parking Services for Visitors and Patients





We greet patients and visitors to the center as soon as they arrive.

We offer help and support for those with handicaps, disabilities and other health problems.

We can provide help with wheelchairs and any baggage.

We give visitors and patients information about the hospital or center.

We drive and park their vehicles for them for free.

We provide patients with a phone number that lets them call at the end of their appointment to have their vehicles waiting for them.

We also have clear signs posted near our valet stand, which helps patients and their guests locate us after an appointment or a visit.


Services for Staff






Vehicle detailing

Ability to arrange for oil changes and other vehicle services

Parking of their vehicles in a safe location

Have their vehicles waiting for them after a shift

Reduced rates at parking facilities in the city, including parking lots at restaurants and hotels

In the addition to the above services, our staff is willing to accommodate additional requests from the medical staff.

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